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1. The Information Garbage Patch

More than ever, and in part thanks to the "algorithmically optimized web", our world is inhabited and shaped by a vast ocean of propaganda, public relations pieces, advertorials, social media mania, useless distractions, and generally toxic information. Picture that giant garbage patch swirling in the Pacific Ocean and you'll have an instant visual of what the mental environment has become for too many humans.

2. You Are What You Eat

In the world of nutrition, all calories are not equal. For example, eating calories from refined sugar can lead to numerous medical and long-term health issues (e.g. cancer, diabetes). The same holds true for information. The information you choose to ingest has long-term effects. Your thoughts ultimately become what you have "eaten". Mental "cancers" and diabetes are real, even if they're not talked about.

3. Cover Your Mouth (and Wash Your Hands)

If you do find yourself ingesting some toxic information from time to time, please don't spread it. You may not care (as much) about its quality as much as your friend or neighbour, but as a matter of courtesy and public hygiene please keep it to yourself.


This site is one man's attempt to address the problem of infotoxins and their ill effects.