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A (Very) Brief History

This site first went online in 2010, back when blogging was mostly for hobbyists. Originally, the topics covered were about software freedom generally, and Ubuntu specifically. Over time, the need for a shift in focus became evident. The world was changing and new levers beyond software were needed. How could we make the world a better place when the information landscape was still broken in fundamental ways?

As a result, this site went through a major transformation in 2018 and it was also moved to a new domain and host. If you're looking for the original site (probably because of the Ubuntu content), Brewster Kale and the friendly folks at the Internet Archive have graciously retained a copy of it here: Amplify The Signal v1.


Ownership & Authorship

Amplify The Signal is an independent web site. Independent web sites used to be the norm until the people who own and operate social media sites came along and did very mean things to people.

The site is owned and operated by Randall Ross. There are hundreds or possibly thousands or Randall Ross'es on the internet. This Randall is verifiably not most of them. If you'd like to know more about this Randall, please send a note.

Articles and Briefs are authored by Randall Ross. Occasionally, guest writers are invited to write on topics of interest to the supporters of the site, but not generally in Randall's "sweet-spot" of expertise.

Copyright Statement & Usage Rights

We don't particularly like legalese, but the situation on the web (plagiarism, article theft) requires us to take precautions to protect our livelihood and our ideas.

All writings and articles that appear on this web site are copyrighted by the site owner and all rights are reserved. You are not allowed to republish any of these writings or articles without prior written consent.

You are allowed to quote verbatim small excerpts (i.e. less than two contiguous paragraphs) of content provided that you provide a (URL) link back to the original piece and attribute the original author.

If you are writing a derivative work, for example an article for your site that is inspired by writings you saw here, please follow the common and polite practice of scholarly citation,

The reason for citations and documentation is to credit the author and publisher for their original work and to enable your readers to consult the same sources. Through the proper use of your sources and citations, you openly acknowledge where your ideas come from. Even if you use your own words, if you found the ideas in a publication of any kind, you must document the source. (Source: ACW)

If you would like to use content from this site for any purpose other than a small excerpt, or if you're unsure about any of this, then proceed to the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page, and send your request.


Do you have a suggestion for this site? A question? A request to republish or reuse some of the articles/writings/photographs/illustrations? Contact us.


Photo Credits

The sliding banners that appear on this site are courtesy of the following gifted photographers: Steve Chou Photos (neighbourhood festival), Ian Cook et al (Lego outrage), Dick Vos (woman reading), Jose Herrera (gossiping), Guillaume Payen (gotcha!). All other images are credited where they appear.